Product Submissions


STEP 1: Feel Out The Form

After you have filled out the form, you will be contacted by email with the shipping address.

STEP 2: Send Your Product

When sending your products, please send full retail sizes so that I can evaluate the product in its consumer packaged state. From time to time I will do a video review and full-size products look better on camera.

Right now, my product review timeline is about 2-3 weeks for makeup, body, nail, fragrance, and hair care testing and 4-6 weeks for skincare line/products testing. My fashion review timeline is usually about 2 weeks

STEP 3: Send Fact Sheets

Once you have sent us the product(s) please email the following information:

  1. List of ingredients
  2. High-resolution images of products
  3. Features & Benefits (in-house fact sheets are great!)
  4. Allergy Alert: Give us details on any ingredients that may pose an allergy risk
  5. Gluten Free? Please let us know if this product is gluten free
  6. Fun Facts about the products (anything fun about the product)
  7. List of all social media feeds
  8. Point of contact person for any specific product questions