Makeup Artist Back on Set

I just completed work on my first film since having my son back in 2014. It was AWESOME getting back on a film set and it was even more AMAZING getting back to work with creative friends from past projects. The film is called The Reeves and was created, written, and directed by Lavern Spruill. This film has been a pet project of hers of over a year now. I’m honored she requested my services and super EXCITED to attend the Blue Carpet Premiere this October 21, 2017, at the HELEN MILLS THEATER.


The Reeves is a short film that follows Grant Reeves and his girlfriend, Vanita Andrews, as they head out to Grant’s twin brother, Dr. Daniel Reeves, home for the weekend. Once they arrive, they are met with events that lead to thrilling suspense and an unexpected plot twist.

You can view scenes from the film below.

Right now, the production company is running a GIVEAWAY for free tickets to the BLUE CARPET PRIEMERE. You can find all the details for the contest HERE,

If you miss your opportunity to win free tickets, you can purchase them HERE while they’re still available. This is a one-time event and is sure to be a night to remember.

Comment below if I’ll see you at the premiere!



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