Happy National Compliment Your Mirror Day!

Many of us feel the systematic pressure to conform to a certain standard when it comes to beauty. By adulthood, we are predisposed to believe we need to have “the perfect beach body” to be sexy or require makeup to be beautiful. With so many external influences shaping our concept of beauty, we often ignore the most important reminder of what’s genuine beauty.

Young Girl Playing By Herself

Today is National Compliment Your Mirror Day, a day to reflect on your beauty, inside and out. It’s so easy to overlook one’s magnificence between schedules, work, and life responsibilities. The scars and curves of our bodies are what make us uniquely beautiful. Our life’s journey is written all over our faces and we should embrace those fine lines, wrinkles and gray hairs. Show your body some love and accept your body as beautiful.

Below are a few tips to not only help you celebrate this day but to also celebrate yourself.

Start by standing in front of your mirror with your eyes closed. Put a big smile on your face. Now, open your eyes. Take a second to reflect on how absolutely stunning you are.

Write an inspirational quote or message on your mirror in washable window marker. You can also write a secret uplifting message on your mirror with shaving cream for someone special. The shaving cream repels the steam, leaving the message visible on the otherwise foggy mirror when someone exits the shower.

Wear your favorite color and remind yourself how flattering it is on you.

Take a moment to compliment yourself each time to walk past a mirror today. Have fun with it. Make silly faces. Dance. Be goofy!

Don’t forget to compliment your mirror for displaying such a beautiful person and comment below to let me know how you plan to celebrate National Compliment Your Mirror Day.


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