Welcome (or Welcome Back)

Welcome to all my new readers and to those who followed my previous blog, welcome back. My name is Felicia ( you can call me FeFe) and I am a beauty and fashion enthusiast by passion and a makeup artist by trade. Working as a makeup artist for the past 7 years, I have covered runway shows, music videos, television, film, and print.piv

I started my previous blog as a way to share my knowledge and pitfalls of starting out as a makeup artist and to give insight to beauty products and techniques. In addition to sharing what I knew, the engagement of my readers and online community provided me with continued insight on the latest trends.

Two years into the start of my blog, I received the amazing news that I would be a mom. Being a first-time mom, I became consumed with the planning of my son’s arrival. When he finally came, his cute pudgy face engulfed my world. Between work and family, blogging took a backseat and I took some time away.



My little guy is now turning 3 years old in September and quickly gaining his independence. Just the other day, he got his cup out of the fridge by himself and closed it before returning to the couch to watch Sesame Street. My baby is growing before my eyes and even though it sometimes hurts that he doesn’t need me as much anymore, it does open up time to allow me to return to blogging.


With this blog, I plan to cover a wide range of beauty and fashion related topics for those interested in the industry as well as those who desire the knowledge for personal use. Check back daily for tips, lifehacks, tutorials, and reviews. If there is anything you would like to me to cover or if you have a helpful tip you would like to share, let me know in the comments.




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